Wicca Symbolism: Charms, Amulets and Talismans

witch hatWe find that each organization, race or religion showcases their unique ornaments , trinkets or relics. This isn’t absent in Wicca. This Earth-based religion taps into the power of symbolism by form of jewelry, including amulets, talismans, charms or bracelets to create magick. These jewelries are magical by nature, and are used for purposes like casting spells, protection or luck. Symbolism is the universal language used for magick. The commonly used symbols in Wicca range from pentacles, cat or other animals, cauldron, runes, Celtic designs, ankh or Egyptian symbols.

Charms are items or incantations which got their reference from ancient folklore. They are worn or put somewhere near mainly to attract luck, for healing , for protection or for enhancing one’s good traits. Amulets and talismans can be considered charms as well. There are also charms that are sung or spoken.
Witches believe that certain charms work best when put on a the part of the body which houses energy and are activated by the item. Some Charm items and their symbolism include:
Lucky Horseshoes: Its crescent shape was believed to signify
the Moon Goddess or Mother Mary.
Four-leaf Clovers: The four leaves each symbolize a season. Each leaf also signifies faith, hope, love and luck, and is the one believed to be brought by Eve from the Garden of Eden.
“Abracadabra” : Abracadabra is a powerful spoken charm used in history to open locked doors with ease.

Amulets are charms- natural objects believed to hold some magical power for general purpose. Amulets can be worn or hidden. They are usually small in size and can be more than one- all intended to ward off evil, protect owner from bad luck or sickness. Ancient texts on witchcraft or paganism have referred to the use of amulets, pushing the conclusion that these objects have been used for thousands of years already. Most amulets are items that can be found readily in nature, but some are man-made.
Celtic SnakeSome examples of Amulets include:
Ankh: In Ancient Egypt, ankhs were symbols of life.
Celtic Snake: A snake sheds its skin, symbolizing cleansing and transforming one’s life to start a new beginning.

The main difference between a talisman and an amulet is the source of power. They are both tools of with intrinsic supernatural properties. However, an Amulet possesses power to protect its owner, while a talisman ‘amplifies’ its keepers’ power.

Tailisman of Charlemagne

The Talisman of Charlemagne, also a reliquary, said to have been found on his body when his tomb was opened

Talismans also ‘attract’ power. Talismans are mostly man-made and they target a specific goal, like healing an illness. Most talismans are not worn, but are hidden inside pouches or under the clothing. Since they are believed to contain power and transmit it for the owners’ use, it must be charged.
Charging a talisman involves the consideration of day and time, and for Witches, the best time to do it is during the waxing of the moon. There are several methods to charging a talisman and all involves a ceremony.
There are several examples of items used as a talisman. We see them anywhere without even realizing that they hold power!
Pentacles: Are representation of the Earth. The four points in a pentacle is believed to represent the elements of the earth, while the topmost point signifies the Divine. Seal of Solomon : The interlaced triangle or six-pointed star, is used by the bearer to protect itself from fatalities and trouble.