Velma Green is the Queen of the Spiders in the Cartoon Network’s made-for-TV animated movie “Billy & Mandy: Wrath of the Spider Queen” which aired originally on July 6, 2007, and which usually gets re-shown every Halloween season.


Velma Green Spider QueenIn the TV movie, the object of Velma Green’s wrath is Grim Reaper, Billy and Mandy’s best friend. She is mad at Grim because of something which happened to them 130,000 years ago. Back then, they were still friends and their common enemy was the Boogeyman. The three were candidates for the position of Reaper. Velma was the front-runner in the race. However, as the votes were being cast, she saw Grim stuffing a ballot box. Grim did eventually got the position of Reaper. Thinking that he cheated because of what she saw him doing, Velma swore to take her revenge on Grim. She plans to eat Grim’s head so she could absorb all of his Reaper powers.


Velma Green did finally got her chance. One day, she and her spider minions decided to attack Billy and Mandy’s school. In the ensuing commotion, she managed to kidnap Grim along with Mandy and her school nemesis Mindy as well as everyone else who happened to be there at the time. She had them wrapped up in cocoons of spider web. Then she opened a hole in Grim’s head. From that hole she was able to see what Grim saw on that fateful election day. She ordered that it also be shown on a large screen so everyone can watch how Grim cheated her.


From what was flashed from Grim’s memory, Velma saw that when little less than half the total ballots were cast, Boogeyman came, destroyed them all and tried replacing them with votes which were in his favor.Velma Green Spider Queen

But seeing this, Grim stopped him and replaced the destroyed ballots with votes he wrote in favor of his friend Velma. But then Velma saw this, and thinking that Grim was cheating for himself, she run out crying. Furious at the predicament Boogeyman got him in, Grim attacked him with the scythe that was part of the price for the election winner. Impressed at how he conducted himself against the Boogeyman, the remaining voters all cast their ballots in his favor, enabling him to win despite his own rigging of the election in Velma’s favor.


Realizing that she misjudged him, the Spider Queen apologized to Grim. Also realizing that she doesn’t want to be a Reaper anymore, Velma Green decided that she will just conquer the world just as her father told her. The final scene shows the world caught in a giant spider web, with Billy’s screams being heard in the background.