On Halloween, chances are two or three of the kids who will come trick-or-treating at your door will be in a Spider-man costume.Spiderman Go to any Halloween party and you’ll likely find at least one guest who will be in that distinctive red-and-blue Spidey suit. Browse through the web and search for the top favorite superheroes of all time and you’ll see that the web-slinging wall crawler is in just about everyone’s top ten list. Go to any Comic Con parade or gathering and there you’ll find spider-men and spider-women galore. So why is Spider-Man that popular? Perhaps, it’s because he is so relatable. Anyone can see some aspect of himself or herself reflected in the persona of this costumed superhero.

Spider-Man in his real-life identity is Peter Parker, a very ordinary guy leading a very ordinary, uninteresting life. Like most everyone, he has everyday problems like paying the bills, keeping a job without giving up his studies, taking care of his poor old Aunt May. Somewhat of a nerd, people for no reason often pick on him. He is also usually socially awkward, especially with the girls. Yet, he persists. He never backs off when it comes to doing what is right and good. He may be struggling with his own personal life, having trouble just making both ends meet, but there he will always be for others once he finds they need a helping hand. Often underestimated by his more superior foes, Spider-Man will in the end, and without fail, save the day. No wonder that most people wants to be just like him.

Actually, Spider-Man now has become so immensely popular that there is even a special Spider-Man Day that is marked and celebrated by the legions and legions of Spider-Man fans worldwide. Spiderman crouchingSpider-Man Day is every August 1st of the year. On this day, fans hold conventions, dress up in their Spider-Man suits, trade comic books and other Spidey memorabilia, do fun runs around the neighborhood, binge watch on Spider-Man films and animated TV series, even fight crime for a day just like their favorite superhero. On this day, some restaurants and refreshment stands even offer specially themed menus of Spider-Man inspired dishes. But why August 1st? Spider-Man made his first appearance in Marvel comic books on August 1962.

On October 12, 2012, Spider-Man made it to the Guinness Wold Record for the ‘Most Contributions to a Greeting Card,” after garnering 2,707 signatures at the New York Comic Con. The giant greeting card was meant as a tribute to Spider-Man’s 50th year as a New Yorker. During the occasion Stephen Wacker, the editor of the ‘Amazing Spider-Man’ comics, said, “To my mind, Spider-Man is the most famous citizen of New York….The World’s Greatest City deserves the World’s Greatest Super Hero…”