Why spend a lot of cash making a Halloween costume when you can probably come up with something from your local closet,

kitchen or garage? Its fun and a good way to stretch your artistic imagination.

Children love to play dress up – often if you ask them they will come up with a lot of ideas.

And, why stop at just one costume when they can have several – they could have one for trick or treating and one for each party.

Girl’s Costumes

Princess – Young girls love to play dress up. One of the things they like to dress up like is a princess.

Often a nice party dress will work as a costume. Get a tiara and wand and wrap it with ribbon. You can take a old pair of shoes and cover them with glitter spray paint from a craft store – then all you need is a little makeup.

Here are some other ideas that you can probably come up with from your girl childs closet – a zoo keeper (all the stuffed animals),a witch, zombie, a sheet always makes a ghost, any type of royalty, vampire.

Boy’s Costumes

– zombie, hobo, reporter, vampire, branches from outside and old clothes might make a scarecrow, mummies (from old sheets), take a old plasic garbage can and cut holes for arms and feet – cover the childs face with black makeup, any kind of repairman – like a plumber or a painter,(they could carry a plunger as a plumber and you can use paint to put lettering on a old shirt), Frankenstein can be made with black clothing and green face makeup and white gloves, cowboys


Rock and Roll Star  you may want to raid your own closet. Grab some old T-shirts and tear off the sleeves. Then find old jeans you can cut up and shred a bit. An old wig is fun, too, especially if the costume is more of a ‘heavy metal’ style rocker. Have your teen look through your old albums to get ideas, then go ahead and drag out that big box of old clothes and dig in. again, closet raiding can produce all sorts of stuff, you can also do a lot with old carboard boxes. Vending Machines or for a Washing Machine – what about taking a cardboard box – a big one and painting it white and cutting arm and leg holes – then you can take clear plasic of sometyepe and for a washing machine make a round circle in fromt and use some sime wire around the rime and put closthes pasted in behind it – and dirty losthes stuck on theop and on the a old floppy hat and clothes on the arms. Vending machines could be made the same way. You can try any kind of a accident victim, rock or movie star. Cotton Candy – spray (washable) pink hair spray, pink shirt (long sleeved) pink makeup (grease paint) and tan tights

Adult Costumes

Here is where the process gets easier still. You don’t have to go to a costume shop to rent or buy a witch’s outfit or Dracula costume. It’s time to hit the closet again. Let’s start with the guys. Do you like detectives; Spade, Marlow, Columbo? If you have a long trench coat, all you need is a wrinkled shirt, slacks, a hat, and a fake cigarette. Is surfer dude more your speed? Grab the board, put on your wetsuit and slick that hair up. A pair of silky pajamas and a silky scarf tied around your neck and you are the world’s most famous playboy. What about a reporter? a notepad, and recorder, and pencil and a reporters hat. We haven’t left you out, girls. What about your favorite little black dress? Add some spider webbed gloves, stilettos, a long black wig, red lipstick and fangs, and you are the sexy vamp ready for a night of bloodletting.

black hairspray and a little backbrushing, can go a long way


You can also raid his closet and work wonders with one of his old suits. Grab a martini glass and you are the perfect Madison Avenue advertising executive.

Have a Happy Halloween and use a little imagination Looking your best on Halloween does not  have to mean a trip to the costume store to buy an expensive get up.

Start with what you have right in your home and accessorize to the hilt. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on a costume, you can shop at home and look like a million bucks.