Spiders and spider webs, like witches and black cats, are indispensable Halloween fixtures. Creepy and scary, just the sight of them can evoke feelings of gloom and impending doom. Come Halloween, you can try sprucing up your place to look like a haunted house or you can try having it themed a la crypt but the ambiance would still be incomplete unless you throw in some depressing-looking cobwebs and some disgusting spiders here and there. Of course, a couple of obligatory bones and severed body parts would help further somber the mood.

souder animation   Halloween is that time of the year when we can trivialize death and make fun of those we hold in fear. Certainly, spiders fit the bill. Many of us are scared stiff of spiders. Some species of spiders can maim or kill us with their venomous bites. Then again, spiders are also naturally most visible during autumn when falling temperature forces them to scurry about to look for warmer places. Fall is normally spider season. Thus, on Halloween, you can expect that spiders, both real and fake, are bound to be found just about everywhere.

Think of your audience as someone like Ron Weasley (from “Harry Potter) who is scared of spiders, specifically of those huge ones. Imagine the fright your visitors would feel once they step onto your haunted house-themed abode decorated with these indispensable creatures (plus don’t forget their webs)!

Your Own Fake Halloween Spiders

This early, why not begin making your very own fake Halloween spiders? Make them in various sizes. You can start with a giant fake spider, as big as a pig. You can use Styrofoam or paper mache for the head and body, and wires, sticks or PVC pipes for the legs. Glue them all together to match the kind of spider you have in mind.spider and web Depending on who you want to impress with it, you can decorate it with acrylic paint and art supplies to make it seem real, or scary, or funny. You can color it like a real spider or like a cartoon character spider. For the corresponding giant web, you can use yarn, clothesline or wires. Weave your fake spider web indoor or outdoor. Coat it with glow-in-the-dark paint to make it extra eerie. There are many free online resources you can refer to on how you can make craft spiders and spider webs. Be as creative as you can and let the eerie feel of Halloween run through you and your guests’ veins with the help of these spooky spiders.

Alternatively, especially if you have neither time nor aptitude for craft, you can just buy your spider and spider web Halloween props from specialty party supply stores and other commercial outlets like Party City and Walmart. Many of these retailers even offer free shipping. Whether you buy them or you make them, it would be great to be ready with your spider and spider web decors for this coming Halloween.