Halloween is all about the spook, thrill and stimulation of your senses. From haunted mansions to their creepy grounds with disturbing figures showing their presence in the most frightening way, a good Halloween party is to ensure your guests get the scare of their lives which will chill them to their very bones!

On the Hallo’ Eve, it’s time to dress up in your gruesome and ghastly best. So what will it be this year? How about skeletons with a twist? The Skeleton themed party may seem clichéd, but the charm of a creepy skeletal hand suddenly on your shoulder can still give you the jeeper creepers, especially when you find no body attached.
So how can you go about recreating the most used yet the spookiest form of disguise as your next themed party! Let’s think out of the box, literally: you can have open coffins with mummy bandages, with jutting bones or how about giving everyone their own designated engraved tombstones or having a make believe graveyard where each can have their own little space as a dance floor or maybe you can even recreate a scene from MJ’s Thriller video?

Just imagine with 3D holograms, with actual skeletal hands crawling from the grounds looking for a way to come into the open and pry upon innocent victims. Or when you turn around there behind stands a man almost a hundred years of age in his rotting clothes looking with bloodshot eyes awaiting his chance to take revenge and when he opens his mouth a blast of locus comes sweeping across just like it was in the movie Mummy Returns. And if that isn’t good enough, you can always use the headless horseman hologram with his unquenchable thirst for a head to suit him. So go ahead and be spooked to the bones!

Book on How to Make Holograms

Karen’s Note: I have looked and looked for Hologram how-to – this is one of the best I have found.

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