Paranormal Activity still makes it to everyone’s list of scariest supernatural horror movies. Katie and Micah, just trying to live a new life, but finds it hard to do it because of an evil spirit haunting them. The movie is presented in a “found footage” style, by a camera that the main characters set up in their bedroom. There is a huge amount of “waiting and silence” in the film, which as American critic Roger Erbert described was “more entertaining”. Rotten Tomatoes gives an overall approval rating of 83 % for the franchise.
Released in 2013, this is one movie which can scare you senseless. The Conjuring is the story of a family who recently moved into a new house in Rhode Island, where the children claimed to be haunted by a doll named Annabelle. As days of creepy activities in the house continue, paranormal investigators are called in and a series of dramatic, frightening discoveries happen prompting an exorcism to be performed. Rotten Tomato gives it an 86 % tomatometer rate, with an audience score of 82 %.
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre’s first original plot centered around the story of a group of friends visiting an old house but finds their lives at the mercy of cannibals. In early 2013, a new entry to the franchise was added, now focusing on the fate of a young woman being haunted by a chain-wielding killer. Each turn of event will make your heart skip a beat, making this one of the most controversial, nightmarish horror films of all time. Generally, there is a mixed critic to the movie.
Oculus stars Karen Gillian, a young woman on her mission to prove the force of supernatural powers as the reason behind her family’s misfortune and parent’s untimely demise, with an ultimate goal to prove the innocence of her younger brother. There are two plot-lines in the movie, shown through flashbacks. A series of shocking, nerve wracking events, plus a very good ending that leaves room for more sequels, Rotten Tomatoes gives Oculus a 73% overall score.
Starred by Scarlett Johansson, this is a science-horror-fiction film narrating the story of a beautiful, young woman who collects hitchhikers around Scotland, before having them go inside and submerge themselves in a liquid, leaving their skins behind. With a chilling storyline and a bewitching performance from Scarlett, Rotten Tomatoes gives it an average rating of 85%.
Teaming up with a priest who convinces him that demons are real and existing, Police Officer Ralph Sarchie sets out to find the truth behind a series of bizarre crimes, and the film becomes a journey to find out the real culprit. A creepy atmosphere is present in every turn, and Deliver Us from Evil will surely make your Halloween unforgettable. Rotten Tomatoes gives it an average Tomatometer rating of 28%, with an audience score of 42%.
Adapted from Stephen King’s novel of the same name, Carrie is a supernatural horror girl about a girl, shy and timid, who possess telekinesis. She uses this to get her way around her religiously zealot mother. Things get tough during her prom night, when she unleashes her power after she was ridiculed. Rotten Tomatoes gives Carrie an average rating of 48%, with an audience score of 45%.