Last Friday’s post got me thinking. Why not focus on skeletons as central theme for this year’s Halloween? After all, we do see various depictions of skeletons and skulls just about everywhere on and soon before Halloween night. They can be seen as costumes, in costumes, on decorations and greeting cards and especially on television and movie shows. Some of these depictions are scary, others are funny and not meant to be taken seriously.

Since long ago, skeletons and skulls, like ghosts and ghouls, have been associated with Halloween. They remind us that Halloween was once a day dedicated for the dead. Of course, in many cultures, the ‘Day of the Dead’ is not meant to be a day to be sad. For instance, in Mexico, their Día de los Muertos is celebrated almost like Christmas. There are street peddlers everywhere selling holiday gift items, especially those toy skeletons with moving arms and legs which are dressed up and painted in bright colors. Here in America, we celebrate Halloween as a fun day for children and the young at heart.