Welcome to Halloween, USA 2013

Welcome to Halloween, USA 2013

What are you going to find here?   Well,  all kinds of Halloween Events, food ideas, party ideas, costumes and bats, bugs and creepy crawly things, games to play, and of course an occasional haunted house.
What would Halloween be without all of this?…… down right boring.
Halloween is suppose to be fun, and that is what we aim to give you  … of the creepy crawly, howling kind.


A lot of people don’t and a lot of people do. Anne Boleyn is a famous Tower of London ghost and has been seen many times by many. Then there are haunted house ghosts and we have a lot of them in this country. There are prison ghosts – well, why not? There are friendly ghosts like Casper and mean mean ghosts like in the movie the Poltergeist.

Halloween Events

guitar playing skeletonThere are lots of events at fairgrounds and other places for Halloween. Here you will find posts on some of them and interviews and some video also

Halloween Interviews

audio headsetHere you will find all kinds of Halloween Interviews, these are event interviews, and other kinds of interviews that have different things to do with Halloween.


Trick or TreatersIts the time of year for a Halloween party isn’t it? Something about Halloween makes us all want to have spooky fun. There are Vampire parties, Witch parties, Werewolf arties, and Kid’s Jack O’ Lantern parties. Check in here if you dare for some neat party ideas.


Witch Flying over MoonWitches, here we will talk about what a witch is and what they traditionally have been. Witch spells, rhymes and jokes.


Jack O LanternAll about pumpkins, right now we are into pumpkin smashing, but soon, pies, and basically anything pumpkin! How do you repair a broken Jack-O-Lantern? or Buy a Pumpkin Patch?


Jazz SkeletonThere are all type of Halloween Entertainers, some are gruesome, some are not. There are Halloween entertainers aimed at children, specifically teenagers and entertainers aimed at adults. Whichever, type you are into you will find this section interesting and fun.


Skeleton giving the finger

Skeletons are part of the Halloween scene. Here we have stories about skeleton decorations, and costume ideas and
what the skeleton symbol has been used for throughout history.

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